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Here the Style is Attention to Details

UT Metal's accurate manufacturing knows commercial and industrial lighting INSIDE and OUT  

Whether it be a stamped metal component or plastics injection part for the commercial, industrial and residential lighting industry, UT Metal has a right manufacturing solution for many of your Lighting Fixture Parts that you need.

Many lighting fixture parts are made through the process of precision metal stamping or injection molded such as is done at UT Metal facility. The lighting industry is critical to industrial, commercial and residential applications. When working with lighting fixture parts, the metal stamping industry uses only the highest quality materials to produce parts that are within exact specification for the manufacturers of the lighting fixtures. Many of these are made from Aluminum, which is very strong and corrosion resistant, yet easily formed, makes it an ideal metal for a wide range of lighting devices.

Plastic Injection prototypes are a key component in most lighting fixture parts applications. These prototypes can be designed stamped and tested to ensure that the exact sizes & dimensions will be adhered to in the final products. So whether the LightingFixture Part will part of a working and functional product or a prototype for a future design, quality is always at the top of the list when precision metal stamping or plastic injection is involved. Many of the finished products that you will find are: reflectors for fluorescent lamps, industrial and retail lighting, street and outdoor lighting, floodlights, retrofit lighting systems, daylighting systems, reflective blinds and spot lights.

Our product offerings include:

  • Strips/Channels
  • Panels and Ceiling System
  • Industrials
  • Wraparounds
  • Recessed Troffers
  • Surface Troffers
  • Special Applications
  • Plastic Components

Speaking of Quality, most manufacturers implore their own set of guidelines that are above the industry standards. When you are looking for a manufacturer to fabricate your lighting fixture parts or any other precision stamping/injection project, make sure that you look closely at their quality inspection and testing methods.

UT Metal is a cost-effective and detail-oriented manufacturing company. For more information on the production of Lighting Fixture parts, contact UT Metal, TODAY!


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