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Customer Comments & Feedbacks

Customer testimonials

Freely provided and gratefully received.

UT Metal has been in the offshore manufacturing business for over 20 years and we selected some of the feedback from 

many industries and small or large players. 

All these comments are kept on file in their original format.We think it demonstrates UT Metal's commitment to improving

our performance of our customers. 

You can drop us a line here: marketing@ut-metal.com

"Just to say thanks for your great service.I've been very happy with you guys and I would like to send more work your way."

J.B. Peterson - 5th August 2016

"Wow! I was looking for a trustful manufacturer for this store rollout project. Initially the chrome finish was my concern but the guy quickly called me back and answered all my concerns. Very nice communication .............. if you want a job well done, I highly recommend this company.Ħħ

Paul Stone - 23rd April 2016

"Just writing a quick email to let you know that the parcel arrived and it's exactly what I am expecting both on dimension and finish. I will present to my clinet immediately and will turnaround asap. Great job ....! "

Spencer Wall - 21st May 2015

"Thanks to all at UT-Metal.com. This container is perfect in both packaging design and product quality.Thank you for getting them to us as fast as you did. I look forward to working with you guys more!"

Ricky Bischot - 16th August 2014

"The central frame parts came out as well as expected if not better.The surface finish was great for our applications and we found no flaws in the part. I wish to thank you and express how impressed we were with our orders placed over the past year.

We have tried to source a similar part from various suppliers, mostly fabrication companies, this proved very difficult - I could not believe how simple and effective your company made our purchase. You treat us so seriously and this makes my job much easier than before.

I will certainly recommend your services wherever the opportunity arises."

Terry Elizabeth - 23rd January 2013

"Just to let you know that I have fitted the chrome finish fixtures from your company!

As a buyer I was very impressed with the quality of both the components and the service received. Once again a big thank you and I am hoping that my friends and clients will also love the product enough to place orders! "

Jane Douglas - 14th November 2012

"I want to thank you for the great job you have done for this project and for my company as well. We know this is tight from the very beginning but you did make this happen. You help us to meet the schedule and make our client happy."

K. Wilson - 16th September 2012

"Thanks to all at UT Metal. The parts are perfect.Thank you for getting them to us as fast as you did. I look forward to working with you guys more.!"

Phil - 8th August 2012

"We are very pleased with UT Metal team. Parts are easily uploaded and quoted at a fair price. Communication is excellent.The time it takes to receive the parts is impressive and the quality of workmanship is top notch. Keep up the excellent work."

George Wilson - 1st August 2012

"Just a quick email to pass on my praise. Really not too much that I could say that would improve the service of UT Metal.It's a well rounded company that offers one stop manufacturing for all of our machining and sheet metal needs."

Paul Parker - 25th June 2012

"May I just say how impressed I've been with UT Metal as a company and you (Peter Lou) as an ambassador of that Company. I'm not surprised that you're running several weeks behind with production; you have quality products and they're being marketed very professionally.I love to work with you guys. "

Andrew Chu - 16th July 2012

"On behalf of the entire ... team, thank you for everything that UT Metal has done for us in the past 6 months. The service level is just far more than we expected. I was particularly impressed with the prompt and efficient delivery process but, more importantly, I really like the products that I bought to install onto our wall mount fixtures. The welding was just good."

Barrie - 9th April 2012

"A small order, but solved a big problem. Processed and received in a quickest timefrme, job done!! Good service and excellent products. Definitely bookmarked for future reference."

Jack Dickson - 16th March 2012

"You guys are AWESOME, and it's a pleasure for doing business with such a good group of people. Please let everyone know especially the guys on the floor that we here really appreciate their hardwork and dedication, and would like to say Thank You."

Vivi - 2nd March 2012

"Thanks for the service, great job on the parts,we love it..."

Max - 1st March 2012

"Thank you so much for your fast turnaround on new orders ...You did make it happen."

Steve - 21st January 2012

"We are delighted with the quality of the metal furniture product... it has enabled us to create an elegant solution to supporting some large shelving systems for our clients.Everyone who has seen them has commented on the high polish fittings - no doubt we will be using you guys a lot in the future."

Highes - 18th December 2011

"Very impressed by your fast delivery, the communications is just excellent,thanks!"

Jeremy - 9th December 2011

"Thanks for last order, product so good I have other people asking for more, so here is a re-order."

Luke - 28th November 2011

"I want to call to say thanks for the great job you guys have been doing on our parts ..."

Brian - 17th November 2011

"Thank you very much for sorting out my shackles. Great service with flexibility and responsiveness. In my opinion you are a customer-service standard setting business."

Roger - 25th October 2011

"Wow, this is so great! My mistake but they are only too happy to help out promptly. Cannot recommend enough ..."

John Tooke - 20th October 2011 

"The display shelf parts arrive today ... the powder coating finish is excellent and that is what we want.Thank you so much for being flexible; I have already spoken very highly about your product and services to anyone who will listen and this is exemplary customer service."

Johnson - 10th October 2011

"This is just to say how pleased I am with you and the UT Metal service, always pleasant and with good knowledge and fast turnaround."

Robert - 15th September 2011

Excellent responsiveness,I really appreciate the speed with which you dispatched my order."

Justin - 23th August 2011

"UT Metal is easy to work with. They make the manufacturing process of the retail display equipment simply. All of my welded assembly components were possible to manufacture. They worked with me closely to meet my design requirements. I will be using them again for my future projects."

Jackie - 22nd August 2011

"Very kind of you - I appreciate the quality of your service and will happily recommend UT Metal to whom I know."

Teddy - 1st August 2011

"Very good experience! I am very impressed by the quality of the product and simplicity to fit it. Most importantly, I am impressed by the service you provide."

Michael - 22nd July 2011

"Just keep doing what you are doing. What excellent service, from order to delivery in less than 6 weeks. Absolutely first rate."

Peter - 20th June 2011

"Thanks for the really great service, again!"

Tim - 15th June 2011

"Our company was already a loyal customer. I even do not bother getting quotes for my store fixture from anyone else. I just go straight to UT Metal and I know this is a company I could trust. You are fast and your price cann't be beaten."

Frank - 28th May 2011

"We have received the 10 pallets of the steel furniture today. Thanks a lot for the prompt delivery!"

Karter - 1st April 2011

"Just had some shelf management hooks made up by this lot. Good price, quick supply, and they answered all questions promptly. Good company to deal with."

Justin - 21st March 2011