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All Samples Free of Charge

Over the 20 years UT Metal is committed to your satisfaction by providing all samples free of charge. Just send us your drawings or specifications and we will work instantly and make it a reality and ship across. In this way, you will understand better how our engineering and manufacturing capability is and then get impressed.

Speedy Turnaround

No language barriers. No communications barriers or whatever hassles. Once we are in contact, you will receive a phone call from a UT Metal Project Manager confirming your needs. During that conversation, you can expect to discuss the delivery schedule, any non-standard aspects of your project, or anything else that you decide is important to your project.
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store display fixture china

All Tools/Jigs Made in House

UT Metal independently designs and produces all tools/jigs/fixtures in house. In our industry, the tooling are crucial to the product quality and this explains why UT Metal produces high-precision metal dies on our own, with the use of the latest processing equipment. A 3D measuring machine with a resolution of 0.2 micrometers was introduced at an early stage, and metal dies are produced with exhaustive quality control.

The "hand-on" Philosophy

Unlike traditional factories, at UT Metal, service is at the core of everything we do. Our project managers maintain a "hands-on" philosophy that gives each customer a single point-of-contact, allowing for swifter communication and seamless execution. Just as important, we do it all within your specific deadline and budget, delivering a level of support and satisfaction that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.
store display fixture china

Familiar With a Broad Range of Raw Materials 

steel furniture china manufacturer To provide the required functions, we not only perform manufacturing efficiency but also make improvements to raw materials in collaboration with manufacturers. We are able to provide a full range of functions and characteristics in connection of surface finish and other post-processing.

Assembly Capability and Neat Welding 

Sometimes,it just makes sense to ship the sub-assembly rather than the individual parts. The reason is low shipping cost and better quality.

At UT Metal, we have been supplying the assembly of the metal welded parts or assemblies for over 20 years and we are quickly gaining our reputation with excellent workmanship and the attentiveness to details.
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Just so easy to remain your competitiveness

First, you create your print or drawings to suit your strategy.

Then, just send across,or discuss with one of our project managers by e-mails or phone calls and get your creation started.

As you go through with UT Metal the offshore sourcing process, we will ensure that your expectations are met and your creatations are followed through clearly with your wishes!

  • UT Metal knows metal fabrication and makes products to the form and function you want.It's what we do.
  • Once we are in contact, our project manager will call back within 2 hours and listen to your great ideas or any non-standard aspects of your requirements.
  • Your parts will then be scheduled to our production line and will then grow up there. The scheduling is completely at your wishes or within your timelines.
  • As soon as the production is finished, a complete out-going quality check will be done  before shipped ex. factory.
  • Our team is monitoring closely to ensure your parts are moved quickly and get loaded either on ocean or by air.You can rest assured that the shipment will dock your door,smoothly, and on time.
  • Once you get the parts, our project manager will contact again and will then discuss your satisfaction or wishes from there.All will be handled with care, and attentiveness.