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Manufactured Just For Your Success

From your print to completion, UT Metal has all of the necessary resources in-house to promptly and accurately complete your project. 

We utilize the latest engineering software, fabricate your metal/plastics tools & jigs in our CNC driven tool room and manufactures your parts in our highly efficient workshops. 

UT Metal's core capability is the metal stamping part, CNC maching and plastic injection molded components. We manages and takes full responsibility for all phases of your project.

We manufacture and deliver parts just for your success with typically 50% cost saving and eliminates all offshore risks.

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UT Metal only partners with world-class suppliers for tool components, production equipment and raw materials. Utilizing the resources of our supplier base in addition to our in-house capabilities enables customers to access a comprehensive resource to address their design, tooling and manufacturing needs.


UT Metal can accurately deliver a prototype as well as a small volume run of your component. Our turnaround time on new project is second to none in the industry.

If you have a print, just let us know and we will sample to your specification and submit, FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Print to prototype
  • Experienced engineers with complete AutoCad and 3-D capability
  • UT Metal offers complimentary prototype build and submission time
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UT Metal fabricates the best tooling in the industry and our tool warranty backs up our claim. As long as UT Metal is running a tool that we have built, there will NEVER be any repair or maintenance charges. Our CNC machining centers, EDM and highly technical staffs ensure quality and precision from concept to completion.
  • High tolerance & volume capability
  • Multi cavities & mold bases
  • 24 tool-makers working two shifts

UT Metal is a member of Hong Kong Metals Manufacturer Association.Over 20 years we have been manufacturing the very highest quality products at highly competitive prices. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified factory has 360,000 square feet of space and over 450 staffs. Over 200 sets of pressing and injection molding machines with full production schedule (24 hours, 7 days a week) during most of the year to maximize efficiency.

  • Flexible production scheduling to support any size of your needs
  • High volume purchase agreements on most commodity and raw materials
  • Bar coding Capability/Custom packaging requirements
www.ut-metal.com custom retail fixture china