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Here at UT Metal, We Pride Ourselves on Timely Deliveries  

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Five Basic Procedures From Order to Delivery

1. Listen and Communication of Your Needs
At the Request and Quotation stage, we will listen to your requirement and other details. We will also present our proposals if required.

We treat every clients in a friendly, respectful and knowledgeable manner.We are willing to listen and can solve problems by thinking outside of the box. 

2. Sampling & Documentation
Once your need is determined, we will start sampling and meanwhile, we will complete the necessary external and internal procedures.

3. Production & Scheduling
After the sample is approved and the level of the quality requirement is confirmed, we will carry out the swift production according to your schedule and timelines.

At UT Metal, we scheudle your jobs quickly and painlessly. We confirm delivery schedule within 24 hours.

4. Quality Check
We will monitor each step of the production process to ensure the quality parts are grown, finished checked and packed well for delivery.

5. Delivery
We work with the forwarder to arrange cargo delivery to the location you designated, and follow up all through before the cargo arrives at your door.

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Once you are in business with UT Metal, you can expect the following things to happen: 

www.ut-metal.com metal furniture china1. You will receive a phone call from a UT Metal Project Manager confirming your order, or your needs. During that conversation, you can expect to discuss your requirement, the delivery schedule, bar-coding & packaging needs, any non-standard aspects of your project, and anything else that you decide is important to your project.

2. Your project is then instantly shipped to our production planning team where all the parts you ordered are automatically prepared for production in the process you specified. Your parts are then grown, finished, and delivered to the Quality Department for inspection.

3. Your parts are inspected by QA Inspectors for accuracy, finish and quality. Parts that fail the inspection process are either returned for re-work or scrapped.

4. Your parts are then documented, packaged, and shipped to you via the proper shipping method agreed by you.
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5. You can rest assured that our experienced team will work closely with either the ocean or the air forwarder to keep the shipment on track. There will be e-mails back and forth for the status update.

6. On the scheduled day of the arrival at your door, your UT Metal Project Manager will call you again and inquire about your shipment. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, you can discuss the matter then.

We have designed these procedures to formally keep you informed about the status of your order, and to provide you with ample opportunity to communicate with us. 

The communication built into our process ensures that we know what you expect, and that you get what you expect. We also visit our customers frequently to understand your further wishes, or witness your great success of using our parts on line.

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