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Posted on 28 Feb.,2017

Author: Peter Lou, VP Operations at UT Metal

This batch of wire shelving rack is for the production of Melissa & Doug,one of the largest distributors and retailers for the educational and classic toys for the kids.

Wire Shelving Rack China Supplier Factory

Volume of 2,000 sets with only 3 weeks manufacturing lead time .... crazy,isn't it ?

With thousands of potential suppliers to choose from, UT Metal is one of the two to go on this project and thus creates a huge surprise for the Melissa & Doug teams with comments like "great care" or "impressed".

"Good job again,this is a great care on this urgent shipment ... all is on track and this is good. For retailers like us,everything including the product development,production or shipments is usually done under huge time pressure. That's why we insist on only working with the right manufacturers with the established operations ... the time pressure is imposed by the market and we can do nothing on this ... worry-free experience,very impressive!" 

- Wyatt, Melissa & Doug,Asian Operations

China Metal Wire Shelf Manufacturer,Wire Display Storage Systems Racks

Oh ......thanks for the client's kind words.

Wire Shelving Display Rack China

There is always a good way to go on the clients' decisions. UT Metal is the right manufacturer to take your jobs of wire shelving,wire shelving,wire shelves,Shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies,wall shelves,display shelving rack,wire shelfs and display shelving units.

wire shelves China Supplier,Shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies China

Melissa & Doug sees the difference here with productions at UT Metal.

Over the 20 years, we have been serving the clients worldwide from the retail store display fixtures, metal and steel furniture industries and the team has extensive experience in this side of the business and will happily discuss any requirements you may have in this regard, no matter how large or small. 

Drahtroste China, Regallagersysteme, Regalsystem, Metalldrahtregalaufbauten,China Wire Shelf Assembly

For big retailers like Melissa & Doug,the delay on delivery is one of their major concerns with the suppliers. So to create a worry-free experience,the first topic would be how to choose a right supplier that is able to manage the productions effectively.

Do you have the similar problems ? 

What are your solutions to the delivery delay with your suppliers?

How to Manage and Speed Up China Productions

With this topic,you need to ensure that you are working with a responsive supplier. 

However,some international buyers have gone a long way to make their supply chain more responsive. Here are the examples:

  • Store raw materials 2 months in advance and keep in the warehouse
  • Split the work in a few several factories to gain in capacity and shorten the lead times
  • Go with small batches and ship early
  • ......

wire shelves China,Shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies

All these are helpful to optimize your supply chain,if you have to.

But the problem is, what about if the unforeseen obstacle pops up at the last moment? Will your supplier are ready to handle this well ?

Do not tend to think there are no such things as last moment problems.

Customized manfuacturing is not really a sicence and this happens everywhere,either in China or American manufacturing. As anyone in the manufacturing will confirm, last-minute issues are the norm rather than the exception.

The key issue is, are the people you are working with experienced enough to resolve?

How to Avoid Delays With Your China Productions

Not sure what level of your supplier is.

If you are coming up with issues often from your China production,then it's your interest to take actions to avoid the possible delays.Here are some pieces of advice.

1. Check the factory's production capacity in advance

It's easy and not that complex and it's important.  

If you are working with Chinese factories that only perform half of the processes plus the final assembly, then it is critical for you.

wire shelf assembly China factory,Shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies

There are always good factories and bad factories. 

Your Chinese suppliers may not refuse your orders,they subcontract some of the processes in small workshops while these guys have no idea about what the quality requirements are. This situation usually end up in delays, or problems.

2. Ask the factory how they do the schedulings

A good production schedule is important, it gives the parties involved a tool to deal with changes along the way. 

You need to help them understand that as a customer you care about a clear plan which gives everybody a full picture of what should happen at what time to ensure the timely delivery of the order.

The production of the wire display shelving or retail shelving storage systems involves many complicated process i.e welding,punching,cutting and system assembly.You need to be careful and watch closely on this if you have the exact products to be manufactured in China.

Drahtregalanordnung China Fabrik, Regallagersysteme, Regalsystem, Metalldrahtregalaufbauten

Many Chinese factories may or may not have good planning skills. Some factories do not plan at all. 
Do not tend to think that there is a smooth order process and all is on schedule once there is a contract agreed upon.

Ask how they know if the raw mateirals are on time.Aks what tools they use to track the status and what are the recovery plan for the issues.

Based on their response, you will then know how reliable their commitments are.

3. Go into the factory and see for yourself

It takes your time and money to do this, but this is the only way to know the reality of production status.

At the end of day, if you are working with a less quality China supplier, you will find the real benefit of performing on site inspections is that any of the issues are found early and can (hopefully) be corrected in time. 

fil Ensemble d'¨¦tag¨¨re Chine usine, les syst¨¨mes de stockage rayonnage, syst¨¨me de rayonnage, ensembles de plateau en fil m¨¦tallique

It's true that finding about problems and solving them earlier is much more useful.

This is just from my point of view. I hope this is useful for your China production of wire display racks or wire storage shelving systems.

Some buyers would think that this is impossible to impose those on your suppliers, "They are not going to work with me!" ....... my suggestion is simply, go with Plan B and get a back-up.

These suppliers have high possibility of not reliable or cooperative enough for being given important projects. When timing is sensitive in production, you will be likely to end up in problems.

wire display shelf assembly China factory,Shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies

UT Metal is fully aware that "Customers are the reason we are in business". That's our company policy for over 20 years all the way through meetings your requirements of wire display shelves,shelving storage systems,shelving system,metal wire shelf assemblies,wall shelves,display shelving rack,wire shelfs,floating shelves. 

affichage de fil Ensemble d'¨¦tag¨¨re usine en Chine, ¨¦tag¨¨res syst¨¨mes de stockage, rayonnages syst¨¨me, ensembles d'¨¦tag¨¨res en fil m¨¦tallique

By improving our quality management and uplifting productivity,every tasks or projects will be carried out in the spirit of UT Metal's values, which revolves around customers' trust, teamwork, integrity, accountability and effectiveness in the whole factory operations. Easy to communicate with ....Wire Display Shelving China Manufacturer,Retail Shelving Storage Systems China Factory.

We think in the same way as yours, ....... are they?

Here are Pictures of Our Recent Client Visits

China Wire Shelving Display Rack,China Manufacturer

Wire Shelving Chrome Rack China

Garment Rack Retail equipment China

Are you still meeting below issues with your China operations?

  • Still working with a supplier whose sales staff tends to be junior and never go down to the floors?  They come and go and do not know how the production works. 

  • Poor communication with a guy that always say YES but very slow in reaction? 

  • No Plan B ?  No back-up to get more price reference?

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Contact any of your sales staff at UT Metal and we will be happy to share more with you .....



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