"My point is that there is nothing in between..."

Posted on 25 Oct.,2013

Author: Sky Lee,UT Metal

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Mr. Courtney Ashliman is from USA and owns a company called Volocron, with the key business in the design and manufacturing of some outdoor sporting goods.

He has several new products coming up that would require a welded tubing assembly and also a sheet metal formed product. On the date of 10 Octomber, 2o13, Courtney visited UT Metal in a purpose to access the factory's expertise and capabilities to produce these products.

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"I have been to a lot of the Chinese factories over these years. Some of my friends asked me how to find a good manufacturing partner in China. My point is very simple ... go with those who cares about you.

Some care about your plans and opportunities, some will never ... there is nothing in between.

UT Metal is quite responsive and this factory is definitely positive in this regards."

- Courtney Ashliman,CEO of Volocron

Courtney has been involving China manufacturing for 7 years,and has been to some of the cities i.e Shanghai, JiNan, QingDao and Guangzhou over these years.

"It's tough to get to know the Chinese factories at the first sight, but you guys are simple and straightforward.It's good to communicate with you in this way."

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Courtney also shared with us some of his experience for the factory visit.

"It's been almost three hours now. We are in the meeting room and there is a pot of yellow tea in front of me. It's Summer but a large free-standing air conditioner is blowing the warm air. Everybody including their sales people and engineers is barking at each other in Chinese. We've been looking at the same drawings for an hour. The English translations offered by our sourcing agent are just great. Ten minutes of aggressive back and forth in Chinese is time and time again reduced to statements like:


 "This product very difficult to assemble."

You take hours to get there and you get this response ...... What do you think ?

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"Not everything is clear and straight to the point. If you hang around long enough to get a better price from them,you have to go and talk with their engineering team and this process can take hours. At the end of the day, they will generally tell you an alternative manufacturing option that will help reduce the price. And, in all the cases, the engineers you are talking to are very rarely thinking about your business strategy ... they are thinking about manufacturing processes."

Funny,isn't it?

China tube welding factory

Yes, we agree. 

And .... it's a waste of time, isn't?

It's boring but there is always a difference here.

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With thousands of China suppliers to choose from, you will surely find several you will want ......go with your guts and test them. UT Metal is the one that offers you the real peace of mind.

No hassles.

No surprises.

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