"This Table Now Passed Our Testing ..."

Posted on 15 March,2015

Author: Peter Lou, VP Operations at UT Metal

UT metal is a medium sized metal furniture manufacturer located in South China. Over these 20 years we have been supplying lots of big retailers in North American and European markets. We are especially familar with manufacturing the metal steel commerical and residential furniture products, like below chrome metal lamp table.

Chrome Metal Lamp Table,Steel residential funiture table China

This item is currently on sale under Thomasville brand in USA.

In this article, I am going to show you how the testing of this metal lamp table looks like.

"Yes, the struture looks good .... it has passed our testing today. You can go into mass production now."

- FranK Wang, HHG Testing House

Chrome Metal Table China Suppliers,Metal Chrome Finish Table


The drop test is mainly done to assess if the packaging is well designed or not for a safe protection of this metal lamp table in the process of later storage,transportation,warehousing and distribution.

And, it's very important. No customer wants to make an order in China but just ends up receiving cargoes with damaged cartons.

Metal Chrome Table,Lamp Table China Manufacturers

Metal Furniture Table,Metal Lamp Table Chinese Factory

Chrome Metal Table China,Chrome Metal Lamp Table China Suppliers

Chrome Metal Furniture,Chrome Cocktail Table China,Chrome Lamp Table

This metal lamp table consists of a 4-leg metal base and a glass top. The key function of this drop test is to make sure the legs and glass top will not be broken and the packaging is well designed to withstand all outer forces in the later transportation and warehousing.


Load this metal lamp table with the specified load weight,leave for 30 min and check for any indication of instablity. 

For this item, we put 30 pounds both in the middle and 1" away from the edge,make sure the whole unit is not falling down,and the adjustable foot is not broken.

Chrome Table China Suppliers,Metal Lamp Table China Manufacturers

Chrome Metal Lamp Table China,Chrome Finish Table


This test is performed to make sure the overall structure of this metal lamp table is sturdy and the welding of the legs to the base is acceptable and will not be broken.

Chrome Metal Table China,Metal LAMP Table China

Chrome Metal Table,Metal Furniture Table China

Chrome Metal Table China,Lamp Table China

These 3 tests need to be done at the prototype stage and is part of the sample approval process.

Chrome Metal Table,Chrome Lamp Table China

Chrome Lamp Table China,Chrome Table

Chrome Metal Table China,Metal Lamp Table

Chrome Metal Table China Suppliers,Lamp Metal Table

Chrome Lamp Table China,Metal Chrome Table

Do you have any of this similar chrome metal lamp table that we can help with?

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