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  • Visiting European Customers - Early 2016

    2016-5-10Visiting European Customers - Early 2016

    We love to invest time talking with our customers face to face. See more in this article.

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  • 2016-5-5"This Packaging Looks Great ..."

    "Good packaging is really critical when importing cargoes from far East .....We've been using manufacturing service from UT Metal for six years over and their way of handling our shipments just looks great!"
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  • We are back to normal operations now .....

    2016-2-27We are back to normal operations now .....

    "GONG XI FA CAI to you and your family and staff. May 2016 brings you lots of good luck, happiness and health ................ Your friends at CNS".[Read All]
  • 2015-9-25"You Guys Are So Helpful ..."

    Early this September,we received an urgent order from one of our European customers that requested 5 container loads of tobacco shelving display cabinets to be manufactured in a short timeframe.See how we handle this urgent production in just 3 weeks ..........[Read All]
  • A Better Way For Threads Display

    2015-9-17A Better Way For Threads Display

    The traditional way of sewing threads display would be just the cabinets,racks or shelving stands as you can see everywhere in the supermarkets or retail thread stores. This is not a good way for sales promotion ..... we would rather call these storage devices but not merchandising in all means. Seee more in this article ...

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  • 'Impressed ......

    2015-8-25'Impressed ......"

    Wonder why a Cigarette Gantry manufacture is such impressive?  See more in this article ........[Read All]
  • 2015-8-24"It's Really Worry Free ..."

    "Good job again,this is a great care and it's really worry free ... you know,for retailers like us,everything including the product development,production or shipments is usually done under huge time pressure. That's why we insist on working only with the right manufacturers with the established operations ... Very impressive!" 

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  • 2015-8-5"Supreme Welding ..."

    "We are impressed .... it's exactly what we are looking for and you guys did it right. We will send more orders your way."

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  • 2015-8-4"Just bend it ...."

    Recently, we have made a quick delivery of the Shelf Pusher Dividers to our American customer. Just bend it and see why our products will not be broken into pieces ..........[Read All]
  • 2015-6-22"It won't be a worry-free project elsewhere ....."

    "Great - we really did it within such a short timeframe!  I am happy with the overal structure you guys designed and particularly the brass plating is excellent. This won't be a worry-free project elsewhere." See more in this article .......[Read All]
  • 2015-6-22"I Know This is Fine ......"

    "Well, this shape of these 3 legs turns out to be excellent. I know this is going to be fine in the mass productioin and you guys really did it well." See more in this article......[Read All]
  • 2015-3-17"This Table Passed Our Test ......"

    "Yes, the struture of the whole unit looks good .... it has now passed our testing. You can go into mass production now." See more in this article .....

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  • 2015-1-15"Oh ..... the welding is good"

    We have just shipped 5x40"HQ to Melissa & Doug for the Metal Display Racks. See how our products are being inspected on site by Melissa & Doug inspectors ......[Read All]
  • 2015-1-14"Very Good Quality for this Thomasville Metal Lamp Table...."

    Thomasville is a great American brand for furniture industry and we are one of their quality suppliers in China for this job. See more on this artile ......[Read All]
  • Visiting Clients in USA - Octomber 2014

    2014-11-11Visiting Clients in USA - Octomber 2014

    From 15 September to 10 October,2014, we have visited 16 clients in the USA and all meeetings turned out to be very successful. See where we've been to and how the meeting goes in this article ....
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