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UT Metal is Dedicated to Maintaining a High Level of Quality Control

Every aspect of our office and production area reflects our dedication to precision and efficiency in your manufacturing at our facility.

  • From our CNC driven tool room to our highly automated manufacturing floor
  • Attention to detail
  • Attention to skill
  • Attention to perfection in all we do

At UT Metal, flawless performance is the usual; exemplary competitive products are the expected norm.

We invite you to challenge our capabilities; just as we challenge ourselves every day to become the finest China manufacturer of the metal fabrication & plastic injection in the world.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customerswith defect-free products at the most competitive price possible. 

Quality Assurance
UT Metal's policy is to meet or exceed customer requirements, and therefore practices and uses state-of-the-art business processes and equipment.  On the equipment side, UT Metal utilizes a variety of equipments to measure and evaluate many aspects of components and subassemblies, including a programmable vision system with full SPC capabilities.

Custom Packaging
UT Metal can custom stack, bag or package your retail store fixture, display shelving units and metal furniture products per any of your packaging requirements. 

Form,Fit & Function
From universal shelving brackets and hooks, to custom steel furniture and retail store fixtures, UT Metal's dedication to the form, fit and function you want that exactly meet your specifications and cost requirements - order after order, year after year.

ShopDesign Fixture China

UT Metal is proud to manufacture our products using the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard. Adherence to the standard is certified by BSI (British Standards Institute). Precise tooling designed and fabricated to rigid specifications optimize UT Metal's productivity and maximize economy. The net result is hundreds of our automated machines running around the clock to supply our customers with on time delivery of high quality metal stamped and injection molded products.

Just In Time
UT Metal will stock and monitor pre-determined quantities of your products to ensure just in time delivery of your metal furniture items and retail store fixtures.

Project Management
UT Metal will design, tool and manufacture your products for just in time delivery. Additional services include coordinating custom stacking, ocean freight forwarding, air shipment, bagging and labeling with any necessary outside sources.

Custom Quality Specifications LADENBAU ut-metal.com China
UT Metal will adhere to any pre-determined quality control standards specified by the customer. Examples include SPC charting and documentation, tensile strength testing and custom color monitoring.

All UT Metal quality control personnel are required to pursue continuing education in quality related instruction. Types of additional quality training include Hong Kong Society of Quality seminars, Certified Mechanical Inspection, ISO Training and Design for manufacturing courses. UT Metal has 3 shifts of quality control personnel around the clock.

Test and Diagnostic Equipment
UT Metal has a full compliment of quality control testing and diagnostic equipment. Examples include an assortment of gauges, surface plates, scales, tensile strength and ultra violet testing stations.