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State-of-the-art Equipment Backs up Our Production Flexibility

UT Metal has been in the metal fabrication, CNC machining and plastic injection molding business for over 20 years. The diversification and commitment to quality has made the company a leader of the industry.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and certified materials to assure highest quality of control standards. UT Metal has an extensive array of in-house production machine shop equipment to meet all of your metal furniture and retail store fixture needs.

Tooling Design

Our professional engineering team can help right from the beginning. We translate your design and specification on our in-house CAD system to gain maximum efficiency while assuring superior quality. More than 20 stations of precision wire cutting and CNC work centers are in service, and more than 600 new part numbers are tooled per year.

Metal Pressing and Sheet Metal Fabrication:

We use the very latest technology to guarantee our clients high quality, fast turnaround and highly competitive prices no matter what the demands are. We are capable of producing a large variety of parts, from small chassis and brackets to large cabinet assemblies and frames. Through CNC / CAD interfaces we can turn drawings into exceptionally accurate right-first-time components in seconds and offer customers a choice of laser cutting or multi-tooled punch pressing as the specification requires.

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Short-batch run/Tooling Fabrication

UT Metal's short batch run and tooling fabrication shop includes the full manufacturing capability as the mass production facility.Whether you need metal furniture and retail store fixtures at any quantity we are happy to supply.

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display storage shelving unit china

Total UT Metal Manufacturing Solution:

With the above-mentioned equipments, UT Metal is strategically positioned to meet all your production needs for the store fixture, metal furniture, retail display equipments, shop fitting display fixtures and metal display shelving units, from prototype runs to production quantities in excess of 1200,000 assemblies a year. Contact us today and start the pleasant and easy off-shore sourcing!