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UT Metal Creates Values for Our Clients Through the Excellent Engineering Service

UT Metal provides a Team of Engineering Professionals ready to assist you in the production of your project. Ranging from full product design and engineering services to limited support, our designers are ready to offer production and materials insight and cost saving recommendations for your product innovations.

All UT Metal staff holds a breadth of materials and processing knowledge able to provide design assistance and material recommendations. UT Metal Engineers direct a full range of prototyping and mold making, monitor sampling and long-term production. Our engineering team involvement in the early stages shortens development time and saves money.

Engineering Services and Capabilities at UT Metal

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  • Design Assistance

    UT Metal works with you to refine product designs for production. Our engineering team thrives on early engineering involvement to simplify parts, designs and materials. 

    This early involvement has eliminated costs from parts sub-assemblies and the associated tooling.

  • 3-D Modeling

    UT Metal technologically proficient engineers utilize the latest 3-D Modeling Software.

  • Prototyping

    UT Metal provides full product prototyping services.

  • Materials Selection Expertise

    We have extensive materials and processing knowledge to provide design assistance and material recommendations.

  • Extensive Tool/Jig Development Experience

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    UT Metal has been building tools and jigs for sheet metal fabrication and welding process since 1988.

  • Product Development and Prototyping

    When UT Metal is present during the early engineering stages, mold production times are sped up due to greater efficiency.

  • Long Term and Short Term Production Management

    UT Metal is equipped to provide both long term and short term production and sampling.