Meeting New Challenges in 2014

Posted on 27 Jan, 2014

Author: Tom Wu, Process Engineer, UT Metal 

 Stainless Steel China Table

2013 is coming to a close and UT Metal will continue to work with you in 2014 to meet the challenges and changes.This is what we've done for 20 years over and the whole team is working hard to meet and exceeed our customers' expectations.

In 2013, we are lucky to have 11 new clients coming in. During the communication, most of our clients says that sourcing the retail store fixtures,display shelving,slatwall hooks and wall bracket accessories from China creates great benefits in terms of cost savings and that's why more and more retails are turning to dig out the China sources for the manufacturing base.

retail store fixtures and displays china supplies

However, it must be the manufacturing processes combined with improvements in technology and equipment that ensure quality products at very competitive prices. 

retail display slatwall hooks china supplies

"Certainly, buying these retail store fixtures,display shelving,slatwall hooks and wall bracket accessories from another country presents challenges and difficulties.It's not easy anyway." Says Terry Douglas.

For retail display fixtures contractors who want a strong offshore partner that understands their needs and shares the same "get it done right"  ideas,UT metal is the right manufacturer that offers the benefits of quick turnaround and reliable quality along with the advantages of being a price competitive supplier. 

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If you want to ensure a productive, positive and most of all profitable China deal, so what are the unique challenges when you plan your first step for the China sourcing?

The most important ...

For every China sourcing project, the most important topic is finding the right factory with the right people. China has some of the best factories in the world and also some of the worst. 

Nowadays, it's easy to find a factory but the more successful way to find a reputable and reliable factory is either to get your own staff to China, or speak with factories as more as you can until you find a trustful people to work with and support you through the process. 

slatwall hooks China supplies,slatwall accessories china

Please do not assume that the bigger the factory the better. In the business of retail store fixtures,display shelving,slatwall hooks and wall bracket accessories, the more that cares about you, the better. If a factory is very big but your demand is small, you will always find yourself not to be on top of the list in terms of priority,or everything. 

Getting to know you...

In China, most of the business only starts half way in the dinner. The relationships are paramount and it's based on mutual respect and trust and it takes time to develop as well. Are you familar with that ?

If you get to know you on this, then your supplier will pull out all the stops to keep you happy and satisfied, including offering you all the way the very best price for the work involved. 

slatwall panels alu bracket china supplies

"My company is in Retail Store Fixtures and Displays for many years ..... worked with UT Metal for 4 years, UT Metal helps me run a better business. Knowing that I can turn to them for problem-solving expertise and the best products at a fair price means more results with less effort." Says John Took.


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