How to Resolve Issues at the Earlier Production Stage

Posted on 25 Sept, 2013

Author: Tom Wu, Process Engineer, UT Metal 

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My name is Tom Wu, the process engineer at UT Metal and I am responsible for on line production of stainless steel table and metal furniture products for Europe clients.


On the date of 21 September, 2013,

there were 3212 sets of the stainless steel tables (with 6mm tempered glass on the top) that were just delivered and shipped on ocean to our customer (Inter Stil, a Danish customer). We did a good job here and it was just so happy to read e-mails from Inter Stil like this:


"Tom, thanks so much for the great job you have done for this project and for my company as well. We know this is tight from the very beginning but you did make this happen. The pre-production samples look pretty good, the quality control all the way sounds great as well. You help us to meet the schedule and make our client happy."


Well, this is my job !

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At this time, I would like to share how we handled this production and what is the mechanisms at work.


Develop a clear production schedule with the team

From the very beginning, there is a clear production schedule in place so the team here all understands what is the date to meet and how the quality level is.

Some of our customers says that many Chinese factories may not have good planning skills or even do not plan at all.

That is not the case here at UT Metal.

We never tend to think that there is a smooth order process and this involves all the team work here.

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We know clearly:

The changes are always there.

The problems are always there.

This is way we are here to create a worry-free experience for our clients all the way through the production.

The production schedule gives the parties involved a tool to deal with changes and problems along the way.

This is also a good tool to find and resolve issues at the earlier stage.


We also need to make our customer understand that as a customer they care about a clear plan which gives everybody a full picture of what should happen at what time to ensure the timely delivery of the order.

Directly addressing any of the problems or changes with the team

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The purchasing, production, quality and engineering are involved in this project.  They are on the same page from the very beginning. 

Once any of the problems are found, I will go and talk to them directly on this and this has the intended effect of the team continuous paying attention to any issues and a decrease in the problem.


Demanding solutions for each problem.


Problem-solving is important and this need to be done in a timely manner. Being a process engineer, sometimes it is interesting to know what the production guys think.


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In their mind, (for example) "if you don't want problems, you should not have got this job done here."


Well, picking my battles is extremely important in life. If the production guys make some small errors then they will have my advice on the meeting. Then when big problems do come (and they will come), the production people will have seen my  previous sincerity and you will have more power to correct these issues immediately.


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Ok - that's my sharing for now.

We will share more in the coming articles.


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