[Floor Talk 3] How to FEEL A Good China Supplier

Posted on 2 June, 2014

Author: Peter Lou, VP Operations, UT Metal

How to FEEL A Good China Supplier


In the 2nd article, I wrote that you can follow a progress to find a right supplier.

If you have read these pieces of advice, you have found a few interesting suppliers, like us.

Just in case you missed it out, here is the link.


The next step is to touch and feel, and confirm that they are reliable.


You certainly have many ways to verify a manufacturer.

In this article, I will just let you know how UT Metal chooses our raw material suppliers.

There are 3 non-traditional indicators for us to FEEL a Good Factory.

It's purely from a Chinese manufacturer's point of view and I guess it's helpful.

1. Losing Face and Doing Business in China

Try to get a chance to have dinner with the factory owners and see if they take home the leftover food after a restaurant meal. 

This is an important thing about "FACE" in China.

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Those who do take home the leftovers get a big impression in our book. This is a behavior which represents frugality and good sense over losing face.

They often handle things in a straightforward way and are easy to communicate with.

Some may think this is "losing face" by taking home the leftovers.

In this case, we will usually do not do business with them.

2. Reception & Well Organized Team

Pick up the phone and call someone in this company.

If you are easy to get to a desired person by phone, then most likely you are working with a well organized team.

The receptionist is the first one that you will talk with and this is often where you will make your first impressions of the people who work there.

For any size business, being able to connect with the right person quickly by phone is always good.

This represents good organization and management.

3. Young Staff and Healthy Working Environment

Visit and sit down with the factory staff for some meetings.

Are there any junior staff that are able to speak up and talk with you on specific topics?

If yes, that would be pretty good.

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The knowledgeable young workers at the factory is promising and it's a sign of a healthy working environment. It indicates clearly that the management respects junior staff and encourages them to be heard.

Okay - look fresh to you ?

This is something you will not read on the books but it works.

UT Metal has been in operations since 1988, we are one of the leading Chinese volume manufacturers for the metal iron furniture and store display fixture items.

Over 20 years we have been serving hundreds of happy customers and we wish to be part of your projects coming soon.

Let's share more in the next article.

Some Pictures About Our Workshop

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"This is a small order but and it is handled with GREAT CARE. Your team is very proactive and thank you very much. I will send more orders your way."


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We will share more in the coming articles.


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