"When you are creating products that are making your clients more successful you're probably making news. UT Metal has been in the news a lot recently."

Peter Lou, VP Operations

  • [Floor Talk 4] First Choice Vs Backups

    2014-6-14[Floor Talk 4] First Choice Vs Backups

    By now, you should have verified a few manufacturers. I will assume some will be your first choice. And hopefully you will have a couple of "backups". When you select what you feel good, you will see results faster than ever before. There is also unfortunate situation where your "first choice" disappoints you.[Read All]
  • 2014-6-7[Floor Talk 3] How to FEEL A Good China Supplier

    How to choose and confirm a reliable Chinese factory could be a big topic. In this article, we will just share with you some of the non-traditional ways of how a Chinese company develop their supply chain base. It's purely from a Chinese manufacturer's point of view ..... see more in this article.[Read All]
  • 2014-5-3[Floor Talk 2] Right Customer Vs Right Supplier

    Working with a right China supplier is pleasing but it takes time to find a right one anyway. In this article, you will know what are the right customers in the China manufacturers' eyes and what are the steps to follow in finding a right China suppliers ....[Read All]
  • 2014-4-10[Floor Talk 1] Your China Sourcing Strategy

    If you are starting to buy from China, your first choice would be: should I manage this by myself?  Certainly you will have your own decisions but how is the China manufacturer's view on this ? What's their preference and what agent that best suits my work?  ....... See more on this article.

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  • Meeting New Challenges in 2014

    2014-4-10Meeting New Challenges in 2014

    For retail display fixtures contractors who want a strong offshore partner that understands their needs and shares the same "get it done right"  ideas,UT metal is the right manufacturer that offers the benefits of quick turnaround and reliable quality along with the advantages of being a price competitive supplier.  China has some of the best factories in the world and also some of the worst.  Only deal with those who really cares about you....

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  • 2014-1-27How to Resolve Issues at the Earlier Production Stage

    My name is Tom Wu, the process engineer at UT Metal and I am responsible for on line production of stainless steel table and metal furniture products for Europe clients.On the date of 21 September, 2013 , there were 3212 sets of the stainless steel tables (with 6mm tempered glass on the top) that were just delivered and shipped on ocean to our customer (Inter Stil, a Danish customer). We did a good team work here and it was just so happy to read e-mails from Inter Stil like this.


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  • Visit To RETIF Was Fruitful

    2014-1-8Visit To RETIF Was Fruitful

    In an purpose to strengthen more understanding between both companies, we have recently visited our customer RETIF in Nice, France and this visit turned out to be very fruitful and "This is the biggest support to us",  said Mr. Ludovic Boisson, the Product Manger at RETIF. RETIF is one of the largest distributors in the retail display fixture  and shopping fitting industry,with the annual sales turnover at USD140M and approx. 500 staffs and more than 100 showrooms in Spain, France and other European countries.

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  • 2013-7-11Our facility Renews ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    UT Metal is pleased to announce ISO renewal with the updated ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This certification verifies that UT Metal continues to successfully implement an internationally recognized quality management system in the manufacture of sheet metal fabrication ......[Read All]
  • 2013-7-11Letter from the UT Metal CEO

    As the fluctuating economy continues to evolve, it's now more important than ever for OEMs to choose the right vertically integrated manufacturing partner. UT Metal's range of industries and flexibility of manufacturing enables us to maintain a low overhead and globally competitive in pricing and serve. Therefore, UT Metal has been able to remain a strong and profitable ......[Read All]
  • 2013-7-11Our Family Tree is Growing

    Each one of UT Metal's new employees comes to us with an expansive history of experience, such as Allex's nine years of experience with Foxconn. With these additions, we continue striving to make your decision to choose us as your manufacturer for custom sheet metal fabrications, custom metal machined parts ......[Read All]